Hypercentric Camera


This is a hypercentric camera. A hypercentric camera is created by using a large convex front lens and then placing a small aperture behind the focal plane of this lens. The small aperture selects away most light and only allows light originating from a single specific point in front of the image sensor. This has several interesting properties.

This camera makes images appear larger as they get farther away(see video of soda cans moving away from camera lense). Because objects appears larger farther away they don't occlude themselves the way they would in a normal camera. Normally you can only see one side of a object but here you can view opposing sides at the same time (see image of bottle with entire label visible at once). Another interesting property is that the camera can see through small holes with a very large field of view. This is done by placing the focusing point in front of the lens at the location of the hole. A video of the camera viewing a plant though a small hole can be viewed on the right.